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Václav Stanislav a Martin Dobeš

    We ate twice at the Lehka Hlava. In fact we loved it so much the first time, we made reservations right after our first meal for the next day (christmas eve!). We're not strictly vegetarians, but we've had our fair share of vegetarian restaurants. That said, I have to conclude that this place ranks among our very favourite restaurants anywhere (perhaps even nr1). The Thai Red Curry with tofu was super delicious, the tofu was very well prepared (not chewy or dry), the beetroot burger was also great. The next time we had the seiten gyros and grilled goatcheese, both also amazing. They serve a variaty of high quality tea's and delicious deserts. We loved the atmosphere, a bit alternative in decoration (Buddhist meets aboriginal meets starry night cave), which gives it an intimate feeling. The people are very nice, a slight bit informal and very attentative.
    V naší restauraci chceme vařit jídla, která jsou zdravá a zároveň chutná, jídla lehká i sytá. Vaříme přátelsky vůči lidem, kteří jsou zvyklí jíst maso.
    My husband and I had lunch while we were visiting Prague for a few days. I'm a vegetarian and can't have gluten so my choices in Prague were limited, to say the least! The food at Lehka Hlava was beautiful and delicious. Everything was clearly labels so I didn't have to worry about any wheat products. It was the best meal we had there. (My husband the meat eater concurs!)

Přejeme si uchovat Vám čistou a lehkou hlavu

    Veggie-heaven! Simply a must. On TripAdvisor: "If you are a vegiterian or vegan, you simply MUST go there! And even if your not you will love the food. I had the burrito and it was so delicious that I died and went to veggie-heaven. So rich taste and so much food! You will defenitely roll out of there with a full, happy stomach. I also recommend the lemonades. Go here, you will not regret it! Friendly staff as well. My friend and I got a table without any waiting, but if your able to make a reservation then do it now".
    Easily one of the best restaurants I have ever been to. Fantastic creative food and beverages, friendly staff and amazing atmosphere! A Prague must-see!
    First off, I'm not a vegetarian and was dubious when the friends we were in Prague with suggested we eat here- I must admit they were right, this restaurant is well worth finding and the meal was so delicious I am inspired to try more vegetarian restaurants in the future (!) . Excellent , well cooked and very tasty food at a great price. The staff all spoke good English and the welcome was warm and genuine, Not the easiest place to find but easy enough to find from Bethlehem Square or indeed Charles Bridge . Recommended but it is popular and I'm told you may need to book especially at weekends.

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